NEXXT 0.18.1 released

In fact, several new versions have been released since i last made a blogpost.

Here’s a quick recap of the most important feature in each:

0.18.x: A nearly complete performance overhaul. Selections, Scrolling, Dragging, typing, Using the Navigator, and some other actions are now a lot more responsive and lean. The Set Canvas Size dialogue has been refurbished, adding new controls and extended freedoms of editing.

0.17.x: Introduced the Navigator, a powerful tool for viewing, panning through, and making large-scale edits to larger-than-screen sized canvases. This is for example suitable for designing stages. Another important feature is you can now import PPU memory dumps from emulators. Some other additions include saving 32×30 tile-sized screens, Invert Tile Selection, & editing Metasprite Labels through the Metasprite Mangager.

0.16: Introduced four versatile methods: Move, Swap and Clone selection, as well as Move Selection Box.

0.15: Introduced Brushes, the Brush Mask Editor, Quantized mode drawing, Recall Colour, Swap Pattern Tables in Selection, and much more.

Throughout the course of these releases, the Find, Remove and Sort actions have been gradually improved to provide a smoother experience as well. The preference menu has been expanded with more controls for.

Of course, there are finer points – smaller additions, bug fixes, experience improvements. That sort of thing.

Find the tool here:

In the future, these ”main features” are on the roadmap. I don’t know in what order they’ll come, but they’re the closest:

-A simple animation prototyper for metasprites
-A metatile librarian which will also work as a layout brush selector
-Improved 8×16 sprite mode editing support
-A system palette browser
-MMC5 ExRAM mode support