NEXXT 0.14 released

New version of NEXXT is up on itch.

Some major new features include:
-CHR Editor now has a 2×2 tile edit mode (hotkey [E] while CHR editor is active, or [Shift+E] elseplace)
-Colours can now be write protected (works with draw tools: pen & bucket, as well as paste). In practice, this is nice for colouring in silhouettes, texturizing them, or pasting ”behind” a pattern like you would a layer.
-.maps now have a NESlib RLE packed equivalent you can save and load: .mrle.

There’s also some minor things like CPU performance improvements, GUI improvements and bug fixes.


NEXXT v.0.13 released

You can find it on here; free to use and public domain.

NEXXT is a continuation of Shiru’s classic NES graphics studio NESst ( NES Screen Tool), with a rough doubling of features. Having used the former as an artist for many years, when it ceased to receive updates, I decided to take on the mantle.

I’ve been going at it for a year and a half, but since i’ve failed to keep the blog updated in favour for twitter and patreon, this is the first you hear about it on here. I figured i should return to writing on here too, but keep it to the more important stuff.

One of the new features in this version of NEXXT: subpalette manipulation tools