Announcing Project Borscht

This has been in the works in one form or the other ever since i created an account on the nesdev bulletin board. Just wanted to show off a sudden fit of inspiration with these two new scenes.


I also decided to give it a temporary work name, so it gets a bit easier to talk about. I decided on Project Borscht, because it’s my favourite soup; delicious, slavic, and red, much fitting the general aesthetics of this NES gothic romance/horror platformer.

This is a pet project. At this point don’t care how many years of spare time it takes to complete, as long as i get it right. This works for me, part because it helps creativity, and part because i have more pressing project to finish up first!

Going to set up a new project page for it when i can. Meanwhile, here’s a forum thread about it where i go into more detail.


Some older assets for the same project; all pending a bit of brush-up:



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