PROJECT BLUE december update

Stuff is really getting really into place! Most assets have been done by now – my graphics and donnys’ music. There’s a fair bit of level design, wrapping-up and programming tidbits left to do but we’re getting closer to feeling really confident about launching this game as a kickstarter campaign with the promise of a very short delivery cycle. Basically, we wanted the game to be fully playable (& enjoyable) before launching it so backers could feel confident, and so that you can have the physical cartridge in your hands quickly after backing. Also we don’t feel like sitting on a pile of other peoples’ money without having a product that’s already solid and shippable. But the campaign is supposed to go live in the first quarter of 2019! Hoping to announce a more set date soon. Anyway, here’s a few game content WIP shapshots i’ve been meaning to show off.

Here is some work being done to the later levels in the game. You there’s no traps,  enemies or other objects on these screenshots, but they’ll be there for you for sure. 🙂


Security desk and HQ lounge


Ride the streams in the underground sewer system… guck!




Catch your breath and get a look at the city centre from the HQ rooftop.


A labyrinthine section of the slummy ruins of neo hong kong. 

Some few animation guides for various objects in the game:



Saving the biggest part for last. Textile artist Per Fhager did this amazing cushion stitch in wool, 36 x 31cm, depicting a scene from level 1 as presented in an interim build of the game between the nesdev compo entry and where we are now. The meticulous stitching is just breathtaking to me. Fhager is mostly known from doing large-format scenes of some of his personally memorable moments from games of  the 80:s and 90:s. Some of them are done as-presented ingame, while others have been stripped from foreground layers and sprites to show off the nice but often hidden qualities of some of these games’ background art. Be sure to check out some of his works here.





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