HUD for Halcyon

For the scifi themed vehicular/planetary exploration game i’m working on with Nathan Tolbert, i started sketching a HUD. It’ll be wholly sprite layer based, except for any text boxes.

To the left is the first draft, and to the right is something close to what i want to be in the game. It exploits the fact that at least three of the sprite palettes are fixed during action oriented gameplay – since i know what the colours will be, i can use them to a colourful advantage even in the HUD, which usually tends to get a bit monochromatic otherwise in many NES games.  I’m especially happy with the flourescent effect on the ”piechart” gauge. It is making good use of the NES:s Horizontal and vertical sprite flip features, which minimizes the need for too many unique sprites, though unfortunately the machine can’t do sprite rotations, so it’s not quite as resource effective as it would’ve been on later consoles (and on those, you didn’t really need to be this resource effective).


For the font for text notices and such, i was looking for a rounded sci fi look that’d help the game gain its own identity compared to the historical nes library, but it’s still big mono-spaced, mono-coloured letters.



Next up is a long delayed update on Project Blue.






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