PROJECT BLUE coming for the NES

Good news:

We’re announcing Project Blue (a joint effort between me and Toggle Switch), a game that will enter this years’ NES dev competition which ends in January, 2018.


Help Blue through up to 64 screens of high-tech action platforming and measure your skills against combinations of a dozen or so different enemies, a big bad boss, and various traps and obstacles.

Disclaimer: What you see here is still subject to some changes

The in-game end result will look something roughly between this…
(the game in its actual current state)

and this…

(early concept screen not taking into account all the software priorities made both before and since).

Maybe the coolest thing, although it stays out of the compo itself, is the custom level editor application that toggle switch did, with which one can design levels for Project Blue without needing to know the first thing about assembly, or programming in general. I’m personally amazed that he made a tool that will let gamers modify this coming NES game relatively easily.

What’s up next?
The plan after the compo is finished is to expand this game to make it larger, to justify a commercial standalone release on a physical cartridge.



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