Short note on sprawling cave systems

Here’s two snapshots from a level concept from yesterday and today for our space-fi game in-development.

While the previous is more colourful and works with contrasting colours, it sometimes felt hard to parse what’s solid and what’s distant background. This is because the four subpalettes get used for both to a large extent. To mitigate this potential problem, all solid rocks got a stronger/brighter outline to outshine intangible objects. Hopefully something along that way will do.

Next step is probably going over the distant background to separate it, in turn.

Other changes:
-Rock colouring is now regional, rather than random. A ”green” area is hinted at the bottom right, and there’s a single green ”milestone” in the bottom left quarter. While less colourful, my hopes is that things like that will help orientation in a larger, sprawling cave system.

-More distinctly diagonal shadows on the pillars in the bottom right quarter seems to help my depth perception.

-various details and decorations added. Some others might be cut in the future, but we still have half of the tile memory unused for this set, so there’s no hurry to rationalize.






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